Discovered in 2505, this world was originally claimed by Windsor-Hapsburgs, Mountbattens, Hawkwoods and First Republic conglomerates. By the 28th century, most of world was under Hawkwood control. It was visited by Prophet Zebulon 2899, and its inhabitants became fervant converts. It is the most devout and conservative of Hawkwood worlds. Famously, Saint Cato (Lord Cato Hawkwood) crashed a ship full of pilgrims into the jumpgate in emulation of the Prophet’s death.

The world underwent massive terraforming during Second Republic, and hunting of numerous dangerous predators became sport, to the extent that even importation of exotic species was undertaken. House Trusnikron was brought in to deal with the imported wildlife and they occupied North Folari. They have always been allies of the Hawkwoods since the beginning. The Second Republic altered the axial tilt of the planet, and some blame the system’s sun’s fading on this. Today the world suffers from runaway tectonics controlled by terraforming engines. Ravenna was one of first worlds to throw off the Second Republic rulers and live the Church’s prescribed rustic ideal.

The birthplace of Alexius (who was born to Duchess Regnus Octavia and Duke Utar Vincius Hawkwood of Leminkainen), upon his becoming Emperor he ceded much land on Ravenna to his brother Alvarex, an act that many disapproved of. Active wars have broken out between family members in some parts of the world. The stereotype of the population here is that of diapproving and taciturn zealots.

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