Leminkainen wallpaper by digger2000

Discovered in 25th century, this world was viewed as a research world and scientific laboratory by First Republic corporations. Agricorp seeded the world with experimental plants and fertilizers, making it one of the largest food exporters pre-Fall. House Dextrite was originally a bio-weapons corporation (Dextrite Medical Interplanetary). Now they are a vassal of House Masseri, and still control land on Kriel.

Perhaps then somewhat ironically, this is also the world where Zebulon first met Ven Lohji, and is the homeworld of Gjarti religion. However, this makes sense once one understands that corporate interests allowed freedom of religion, so long as they continued to make their profit.

The world was excommunicated and bombarded by the Church in the 43rd century, and a Hawkwood civil war prevented aid from reaching the planet for years. When the star expanded it caused global catastrophe, causing new species of plant and animal life to appear that could withstand the heat and dryness.

In 4525, barbarians invaded (the Vuldrok), using bioweapons that killed a third of the population. Bouts of plague still surface from time to time. A treaty with the Vuldrok in 4965 gave the continent of Valdalla to the barbarians as a semi-autonomous fiefdom. As a result, there is a strong Inquisition & Temple Avesti presence, which the Church does little to restrain.

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