Chronicles of the Graceful Knight

Chapter Fifteen: Murder on Merlin's Chariot

The first leg of the trip to Velisamil goes well for Lady Koralia and her entourage. After several days of travel, when the ship is only a few more days out from the Jumpgate to Velisamil, the captain of the ship, a Duke Avery Hawkwood, calls for a security lockdown of the ship.

After several hours, Duke Avery and his Charioteer pilot, one Captain Alaina Forrester, call Lady Koralia and her entourage into the bridge to speak with them.

Chapter Fourteen: A Knife in the Night

Lady Koralia and her entourage are still on Byzantium Secundus, awaiting the arrival of Novitiates Azoth and Jall and Provost Torensen from Pentateuch. During their stay on Byzantium Secundus, the local leadership of the Scravers, Consul Oliver Lords, assigns an apprentice to Paxton, partially because of his brilliant mind, and partially because he hopes that a dose of responsibility will reign in Paxton’s borderline heretical research.

While they await the arrival of the smuggler’s ship that will bring their allies to safety, Lady Koralia decides that it is about time for Enhenduanna to get a new change of clothes. She insists that sending all of her money to support her ailing mother is no excuse for a shabby wardrobe. Lady Koralia also receives a visit from Duchess Oelestre Xanthippe, who gives her a beautiful platinum and sapphire headpiece as a token of appreciation.

Chapter Thirteen: Refuge

Lady Koralia and her entourage has gone to Byzantium Secundus to regroup after their retreat from the World Shapers heresy on Pentateuch. As they land in the Imperial Capitol, they are greeted by a familiar face: Duchess Oelestre Xanthippe. She, of course, was made aware of their arrival as soon as their ship reached Cumulus Station. She escorts the group to some private rooms owned by the Imperial Eye, and they speak about what brought them to Byzantium Secundus in such a hurry.

After speaking to Duchess Oelestre for a while regarding their current situation, she asks to speak with Lady Koralia in private. Paxton uses this opportunity to excuse himself to take care of some personal business, and Doctor Wulfric excuses himself to go speak to some Scraver smugglers to see about getting their allies off of Pentateuch. Enhenduanna uses the opportunity to spend some quality time with her old mentor, Philosophus Belesis.

Chapter Twelve: Secret Societies

Having little to do with book research, Kadan, Lady Koralia, and Paxton decide to talk to some of the people who would have interacted with Novitiate Darryl Fane in his daily life while Enhenduanna looked for any information she could find on Doramos, the World Shaper Heresy, or the phrase “I am He Who Builds Bridges” in the Eskatonic libraries. With the assistance of Philosophus Belesis, they get a list of people who might have some information.

They first go to speak with a young woman of low birth named Alice Jall, who was essentially purchased from her family by the Eskatonic Order when she displayed a natural talent for Theurgy. According to Father Belesis, she studied with Novitiate Fane in his Empyrean Theory course.

Chapter Eleven: Hidden Secrets

Lady Koralia and her entourage, accompanied by Philosophus Belesis, make planetfall on Pentateuch, and quickly make preparations to head to the location detailed in Noviate Darryl Fane’s journals. Acquiring a landcraft is an easy matter for a Questing Knight and a Philosophus of the controlling Eskatonic Order, and they are quickly on their way.

While in transit towards their destination, the group notices a menacing storm brewing on the horizon. Father Belesis and Enhenduanna recognize the storm: it is the fabled Sirocco, a manefestation of the strange phenomena on Pentateuch. Belesis urges Paxton, who is piloting their craft, to stop in a rocky outcropping to weather out the storm, insisting that it could be dangerous beyond belief.

Chapter Ten: Of Priests and Rivals

Lady Koralia and her entourage are in the midst of travelling to the Domaldo Cathedral in Anschok City when they are waylaid by a large, heavily armed Vorox, demanding that Lady Koralia come with him. Sir Evander steps up to protest, but is quickly felled by a few well-placed shots from the Vorox. A quick check of his body by Doctor Wulfric reveals that the ammunition used on the Baronet was merely stun rounds: he will be fine in a few hours, though he is likely to be sore.

Seeking to prevent a further scene, Lady Koralia agrees to go with the Vorox. He divests them of weapons and shield cores, and leads them to an armored van, and loads them into the back. The van begins moving, just as the group hears the sirens of local authorities.

Chapter Nine: Leaving a Forgotten World

Lady Koralia and her entourage make haste, via Commander Brandon Estes’ shuttle to the Hapi Sea, where they fear agents of the Invisible Path are already en route. While they are in transit, Commander Estes calls Lady Koralia into the cockpit of the shuttle to inform her that he has a fix on the tracking beacon from the second shuttle.

It is, in fact, in the rough vicinity of the ruins they discovered when they were in the area several days ago, but it is currently a fair number of kilometers to the north west, and seems to be parked. He tells her that the location roughly corresponds to the area of one of the Ming’s mysterious crystalline monoliths.

Chapter Eight: The Devil in the Mists

Lady Koralia and her entourage head back to Commander Brandon Estes to let him know that they wish to head to the Hapi Sea to the south to explore. Commander Estes, for his part, has not actually been “holding down the fort” on the shuttle: he went out carousing the previous night, and he muses aloud that Gizeh is a wonderful place, and may be better off without the influence of the Known Worlds and the Empire. Kadan and Paxton seem inclined to agree, but do not voice their opinions.

The trip to the Hapi Sea takes nearly eight hours, as the shuttle’s speed is severely reduce in atmospheric flight.

Chapter Seven: Prophecy of a Lost World

After several days with Stuckaneer’s family on Bannockburn, assisting them in their recovery, Lady Koralia is approached by Dillon and Laura. They tell her that a woman named Oracle Larissa wished to see her.

Lady Koralia decides to go alone, despite the protests of Kadan. Paxton seems to only half hear that she is even leaving, he is so preoccupied with his inventions. Doctor Wulfric continues to tend to the needs of the Gannok, who, though they have remarkable recovery speeds, are still not fully healed from their ordeal.

The twins lead her through the streets of Gailoch, coming eventually to what appears to be a small bookstore in a nicer part of the city. They lead her inside, and to a door behind the counter.

Chapter Six: Family Ties

Lady Koralia and her entourage make haste to reach Bannockburn. They manage to get lucky, and find a Muster Ship, called the Steel Nightingale, which is leaving the next day from Cumulus Station, heading on a direct path to the space station Fort Saint Elmo. The group agrees to do some work for the ship’s captain, a Muster sergeant by the name of Alfonso Goldenbach, in exchange for nicer quarters.

They are in transit for fifteen days, then spend most of another day filling out paperwork regarding the nature of their visit to Bannockburn, most of which Lady Koralia fabricates.


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