Sir Damien Xanthippe

Not all old suitors go peacefully.


Sir Damien Xanthippe was once a suitor to Lady Koralia, back when she was a Justinian. She spurned his advances, and he has since vowed to see her dead. Adept at Kraxi knife fencing and uncaring for rules of courtly duels and etiquette, he is a potent ally and a deadly opponent.

He challenged Lady Koralia to a duel at the masquerade ball hosted by the Marquessa Lakoya Skareenon Asttanyani, governess of Byzantium Secundus, but had no intention of fighting an honorable duel. When caught attempting to use a shield breaker and murder Lady Koralia, he was removed from the ball by Duchess Oelestre Xanthippe.

The group is sure that they haven’t seen the last of him.

Sir Damien Xanthippe

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