Associate Paxton Jeffries

A Scraver technological genius in Lady Koralia's employ


A tall man with blond hair and blue eyes, Paxton has a thin but sturdy build. He almost always wears a pair of goggles, and if he’s not, they are somewhere near at hand. He wears a long red jacket made from Smart Fabric, black leather boots, grey pants, and a black shirt. His gauntlets are specially made devices, containing numerous tools and weapons.


Paxton Jeffries remembers nothing prior to a few years before being selected as an Imperial Cohort. The Scravers found him, wandering and alone except for a rare ferret/fox hybrid that seemed oddly protective of him, and took him in. Through a series of arrangements, bribes, blackmail, and intimidation, they were able to get formal training from the Supreme Order of Engineers, which has left no love for Paxton among that Guild.

With his studies concluded and his welcome with the Engineers cold at best, Paxton went to work for the Scravers that saved him. On the streets of Delphi, he did many less than noble things: he was a “debt collector,” and an escort known as the Masked Jackal. His work as an escort served the Scravers as both a source of income from noble women wanting an attractive companion for a ball, and as a source of information when wine had loosened those women’s lips.

Most people do not understand why the Scravers subject Paxton to the vigorous medical tests and procedures that he must endure, and neither Paxton nor the higher ranking members of the Guild are forthcoming with that information.

Associate Paxton Jeffries

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