Baronet Koralia Justinian Hawkwood

A new Questing Knight in service to the Emperor

  • Portrayed by Celes Chere from Final Fantasy VI (artwork by Yoshitaka Amano) to properly capture her beauty and grace.

Born to a landless Justinian family in the Doloria City Region in Virigo Minor of Delphi, Lady Koralia enjoyed her early days. She spent her early days learning to be a proper dueling noble.

As Lady Koralia grew into an adult, she studied the art of diplomacy as an ambassador of her Justinian house to the Known Worlds.

It was in those days she met Kadan Gundar oj Malak on a diplomatic trip to Kordeth. Although trained in the ways of dueling, she was not prepared for being attacked in the night by a group of men. It was Kadan who came to her rescue. From that moment on, she would have no other protector assigned to her side. She was thrilled when he accepted her offer to be that attendant / bodyguard.

All of this work did not detract from her matters of the heart. Many suitors came and went until she finally met Baronet Evander Roydon Hawkwood. As he was also from Delphi, Karolia would be able to stay close to her Justinian roots while serving her husband in the Hawkwood family. Their marriage resulted in swirling rumors throughout the Noble courts of Delphi: Baronet Evander was an attractive, wealthy bachelor, and his decision to marry a landless member of a Minor House has drawn accusations of blackmail, witchcraft, and extortion.

Lady Koralia considers her appointment as a Questing Knight to be one of her finest achievements. She looks forward to the challenges of the Known Worlds and beyond, while still keeping matters of House Hawkwood close to her heart. She misses her husband dearly on her travels, and endeavors to visit him on Delphi whenever possible.

Baronet Koralia Justinian Hawkwood

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