Kadan Gundar oj Malak

Lady Koralia's Ur-Ukar body guard


Kadan is a Kordeth Ukari of the Malak clan. His skin is pale, and his silver-white hair is often kept long and loose, but cropped in the front. He stands above his current traveling companions at six and a half feet tall, but has a somewhat lanky and well-toned natural stature. Like others of his race, his eyes are incredibly dark, and his body is covered in a great number of raised tattoos. On his forehead and over his heart are the mark of his clan, while his arms, legs, body, and back bear tales of his exploits. On his back is a large symbol representative of the great spirit tree Rymatil, whose branches are tied into each of his personal exploits, as well as the clan marking on his chest.

Kadan’s usual clothing is old and worn, but comfortable and lightweight. He typically wears a simple pair of pants and solid leather boots, along with a dark hooded cloak/cape, fistwraps, and sometimes a headband. His clothing is colored in blacks and reds, with patterns typical of Kordeth Ukari. He is often seen wearing bandages or wrappings over various parts of his body, but the only shirt he wears (unless forced to by social necessity) is his armor. He proudly displays his Baa’mon, even on worlds where such things are generally taboo.


Kadan’s early life with the Malak clan was not far from typical for an Ukari of the Allied Clans. He took well to the hardships of life on Kordeth, becoming hardened both to the world around him and to the state of his own race. As one of Clan Malak, he was always living in a precarious position…his Clan was thought of as champions of the Ukari people, and mistrusted by almost all of the Allied Clans, but at the same time was a part of them, meaning he regularly interacted with humanity. He found humans to be weak, sad creatures for the most part, reliant on strengths not their own, but he was curious in his youth, and did what he could to learn from them and their technology as well. Throughout his life, he held great respect for Nadakira Surtam oj Malak Sojo, though to claim this as more than any other Ukari would be vain. The fact that the Nadakira was of his own clan was always a source of pride for Kadan, however.

Kadan was always fascinated by tales of history, and of Ukari heroes past. Among his favorite tales were those of the time near the fall of the Second Republic, and those telling of the followers of the Path of Tauntlasta, his favorite being the most recent of them: Dyn’dran Oed Nata. He was raised to be a warrior, showing a natural talent for combat and strong psychic prowess, so these great warriors of the past who suddenly followed the Path of Peace intrigued him.

From his earliest days, Kadan was trained by an older Ukari psychic warrior by the name of Shuhadaku oj Malak. Their relationship was close, even for members of the same clan, and as the years went by and Kadan matured, their student/master relationship developed into a close friendship as well.

Kadan’s life made a significant turn the day he met Baronet Koralia Justinian Hawkwood. He first encountered the noblewoman on Kordeth, guard slain and under attack by a small group of young Miharshun Ukari. There was no hesitation for Kadan when he saw the woman managing to actually fend for herself, but being overwhelmed. He sprung into action, using his melding of psychic powers and Jox Kai Von to rapidly dispatch her attackers. Her subsequent request that he join her as a bodyguard and trainer in both Ukari martial arts and other disciplines intrigued Kadan, and he readily accepted the offer. As much love as he bore for his clan, and the homeworld that so despised the Ukari, he was eager to see more of the Known Worlds, and knew that this was the only way he could continue to grow.

On Humanity – “Their reliance on the strength and knowledge of others and their technology, without the understanding to go with it, makes them weak and cruel as a race. However, I am not one to judge the whole by the actions of individuals, and vice versa. Each must prove their own worth and wisdom.”

On the Church – “Responsible for many of the woes in the Known Worlds, and a majority of the atrocities humanity has committed upon my people. Their few good works do not outweigh the negative impact they have on Rymatil’s roots, and they are far too proud to notice.”

On Clan Malak – “My people. My family. The first clan. The Nadakira’s clan. I would slit my throat before I scour their name from my head or my heart.”

On the Allied Clans – “Despite what the Traditionalists say, they did what they must for the survival of the Ukari. If only the others could be more like Clan Malak and Clan Morwec.”

On House Hawkwood – “Emperor Alexius treats us…comparatively well, but it is a shame he has distanced himself from Koralia’s house. For their own part, they are one of the more pleasant noble houses to deal with.”

On the Scravers – “They call it criminal. We call it necessity. If only they were not so obsessed with material wealth and technology…”

On the Reeves – “Reliable, and as honorable as any human can be. They perform necessary tasks for the Empire, but the bureaucracy tires me.”

On the Invisible Path – “Fools and villains. I look forward to cleansing Rymatil of their filthy spirits for good.”

On the Obun – “Our proud, deceived brothers and sisters. Their thoughts and actions are tainted by Daya-Orlogvin’s honeyed tongue, but they are not without hope. Our reunion is destined…and not even humanity could stand before us if we were truly united.”

On the Gannock – “Smelly, but their loyalty to their kin is admirable.”

On the Muster – “They disgust me, but there is little to be done…for now.”

On the Ming – “Absolutely fascinating. Physical questions aside, the Ming hold great wisdom.”

On the Eskatonic Order – “An agreeable sort, especially compared to the Church they are now a part of. I’ve yet to meet one I didn’t wind up at least getting along with…though I am unsure whether their politeness towards me stems from sincerity, care towards the Avestites, or pure curiosity about myself.”

On the World Shapers – “…I hate secret societies…”

Kadan Gundar oj Malak

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