Baronet Evander Roydon Hawkwood

Husband to Lady Koralia


As a wealthy landholder on Delphi, and handsome to boot, Baronet Evander was a promising marital aspect for many single women across the Known Worlds. Royal Houses and Minor Houses alike vied to see him wed to one of their own.

The fact that he chose to marry a landless Knight of the Minor House Justinian has been a source of great consternation and gossip among the courts of Delphi. Rumors of psychic manipulation, blackmail, and bribery have surfaced, which Baronet Evander and Lady Koralia of course fervantly deny.

Regardless of the circumstances of their marriage, Baronet Evander and Lady Koralia do seem to share legitimate affection for one another, which is rare among noble pairings. Evander tries to keep in contact with Lady Koralia during her journeys through the stars, which is sometimes hard. He also makes sure to send, through the Reeves Guild, enough money for Lady Koralia to pay her way and never go hungry.

Baronet Evander Roydon Hawkwood

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