Chronicles of the Graceful Knight

Chapter Three: Blood and Heresy

The group travels to the lifeless planet of Mord, where an old Diaspora era facility is rumored to hide. With their expert captain behind the wheel, navigating the asteroid field and finding Mord is easy. There is only one structure on the surface of the small planet, and they figure that this must be what they are looking for. It is roughly large enough to drive a loading truck into, but not much more than that. Inside, they find a freight elevator, and they go down.

There are strange symbols on the walls in this place. They look to be made of blood. Kadan investigates them, touching them and seeing their drawing. They are indeed blood, and were painted on by a strange looking man in the robes of a priest. This entire facility is cold and humid, and something about the place makes their skin crawl. But, at least the power is on (though it’s flickering and inconsistent), and there seems to be life support.

They begin their investigation, and quickly find disturbing scenes. They discover a hangar, with symbols on the ground not unlike the one they saw at the entrance. In each symbol are corpses, in varying states of decay. Some are dressed in Vuldrok leathers, others in Muster gear. One or two are even wearing the garments of the nobility. Enhenduanna makes a mental note to give the Musters and the nobles a proper funeral when they have finished exploring.

As they begin to leave the room, the corpses get up and attack them. The Husks are tough, but the group is tougher. Despite their fear response to seeing the dead rise, the group is able to put them back down, though they take a few bites in the process.

Despite their fear, they go further into the facility. Enhenduanna is rather insistent that they do, as she knows that there must be an Antinomist behind these creatures.

They do encounter a few more of the Husks during their exploration, but they had guessed at their “trigger” to rise, and use that to their advantage, burning the bodies before they can get up and fight.

During their exploration, they find some old research data and anatomical sketches concerning the Ascorbites, and some data into the research of a creature referred to as a “Self Sustaining Hyperentropic Field Entities, commonly referred to as Kraken Spawn.” According to the research, this facility actually had a live one to study, keeping it in stasis by using a team of Energy Sourcing psychics to maintain a bubble of null energy around it. Their research was not particularly fruitful, though it does raise a concern with Lady Koralia and Enhenduanna, because to their knowledge, the Void Kraken and Kraken Spawn were supposed to be a recent development in the Known Worlds.

Finally, they come across a room with another human in it. He is wearing priestly robes, and bears the symbol of the Eskatonic Order on his neck. Enhenduanna is at first delighted to see a brother of her order, but the her and Lady Koralia notice that he has been branded with the mark of a heretic. Kadan recognizes him as the man he saw in his vision, painting the sigils in blood.

The man tries to talk his way out of the situation, no doubt to render the group into Husk slaves, but they are not to be convinced. He is a persuasive man, but between what they have seen here, and the fact that he has a large bubbling cauldron of blood and sickly-sweet spices in the room with him, the group is not to be persuaded.

They fight. He casts dark rights upon the group, but overestimates his own abilities and the safety of his energy shield, which Kadan drains to nothing using his psychic powers. The Antinomist is killed, and the group never even learns his name.

In his quarters, they destroy the foul cauldron. They also discover a folio sized book, bound in black leather, and thick. Old worn letters on the cover read, “Draco Codex.” Enhenduanna recognizes the book as an Antinomist gospel, but rather than destroying it, takes it to study. She tells the group that by knowing these people, she can know how to best fight them. They agree with her logic, though hope not to encounter such a twisted individual again any time soon.

They return to the shuttle. On their way back to civilization, they talk about where they wish to go next, and decide that Byzantium Secundus would be a good destination. Lady Koralia wishes to send a gift to the Emperor, and would prefer to at least take it planetside herself.

Enhenduanna contacts an Inquisition ship in orbit around Lemankainen, to apprise them of the the evil Gargoyle and the dead Antinomist’s lair in the system. She doesn’t wait for a response before the group transfers to the Laughing Man, a Scraver ship heading to Byzantium Secundus.


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